Established in the Kingdom

A look at the Disciples Jude, Judas and Bartholomew and what it takes for Kingdom establishment.


Prophetic Times and Seasons

In this is course will offer an in depth look at the times and seasons we are living in.  We will look at biblical prophecies yet to be fulfilled along with the prophetic seasons of today and the days ahead.


Living in the Kingdom

This course looks at how living in the kingdom impacts our lives and surroundings.


Biblical Feasts And How They Affect You As A Christian

This course will offer the individual Christian a look into the future fulfillment of God’s feasts that have yet to be fulfilled.  We will look at our part as Christians and how they will affect our future and the ones around us.

Advancing In The Kingdom

This course digs into the kingdom’s role in taking your life a step further with eternal consequence.


The Fulfilled Feasts

This course will allow the Christian to do an in-depth study of the feasts of the Lord that have already been fulfilled and the blessings that come for those who keep them


Conquering For The Kingdom

This course helps establish the believer in the life that conquers as preparation for the return of the King


Holy Spirit Encounter

This course will allow you as a Christian to have a greater understanding and an in-depth relationship with the Holy Spirit. This course will develop your relationship with God and allow you to hear His voice in everyday life